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Walk-in availability is limited during this time.  Please be sure to make an appointment online by clicking the button below to ensure we're here to serve you.  


What do I wear?

Our only requirement is that everyone who throws, must wear closed-toed shoes.  Other than that, wearing as much denim as possible for your 'denim-wall' photoshoot is highly encouraged. If you didn't know, denim is ideal for industrial maintenance, construction, manufacturing, carpentry, and subsequently; axe throwing!


What are the rules for axe throwing?

The rules are explained in detail during the orientation safety video, and safety speech prior to your event.  To learn more now visit the "Waiver" page of our site to watch the safety video.  If you are eager to learn please also feel free to check out the following WATL rules (


Do you provide all the equipment I need?

Yes, we supply you with all materials and equipment including the axes.


Can my kids come?

Yes they may come with you. However, in order to participate they must be 15+ with their legal guardian.  We do however reserve the right to identify that a person is not strong enough to throw the axe in a safe manner, and in that case we will not let them throw. 


Can I bring my own axe?

Yes you can! As long as it is in good condition, shown to our staff prior to throwing,  and is WATL compliant.


Is it safe?

It is completely safe, and we keep strict watch to make sure everyone is throwing the axes in a safe manner.  The premises, and all lanes are video recorded so any foul play or misuse will be documented. 


How can I book an event?

You can check out our "Booking" page here on our website, or give us a call. If you're scheduling a large group, private party, or corporate event we recommend giving us a call or email.  View the about us page.


Do you offer gift cards?

Yes, gift cards can be purchased online in the merch store or at our location located at 162 E. 14th St Elmira Heights, NY


Do you serve alcohol?

Yes, we offer a various selection of local beer as well as domestic/imports, and a plethora of non-beer alcoholic items.

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